About Zynk Designs

“Story Sells”

Who doesn’t love a great story? It sounds cliché, but a compelling story is at the heart of every successful marketing campaign. Knowing the background, the “what and why” about a brand, a person, or a product creates connection. Connection leads to dedicated customers who buy from you, follow you, use your services, tell their friends about how awesome YOU are. Win them over with your story, and those loyal customers will organically promote you (free marketing!), which also gives them in-the know credibility, so everyone comes out ahead.  Getting to know YOU is how we begin.

how it starts

Everyone has a story, but not everyone is a great storyteller (or can even pinpoint what makes them interesting).  I help find the right message to let the world know what makes you and your business unique and noteworthy – something people want to connect with.

what’s your story?

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Make sure it’s a good one with eye catching visuals, messaging that connects, and a great story. Words, but not too many, because attention spans are short. Zynk Designs will find that sweet spot of brand consistency where the harmony of color, design, fonts, graphics, and words will set you apart from the competition. Ready for a fresh start, a refresh, or a complete overhaul? Contact Zynk Designs today to explore how we can help!

you had me at hello

The Story of Zynk Designs

Zynk Designs is run by Kerry Szympruch Welton (that’s me below, enjoying my favorite morning vice), started over 20 years ago because I saw an opportunity to help a boutique that was doing everything right except getting the word out about their amazing selection of merchandise. Being obsessed with color, details, and words, I designed and programmed a shopping website for them, did all the writing and product descriptions, marketed the business, and ultimately helped them to grow their customer base and dramatically increase sales. With a background in fashion and graphic design, I found a niche designing ecommerce websites for children’s products, fashion, home furnishings and decor, plus a smattering of sites for business professionals.


I’ve worked with businesses across the US, including large companies like Toyota and sole proprietors just starting out. My clients appreciate on-on one interaction and my dedicated attention, and I keep Zynk Designs small, handling all tasks on my own, rather than outsource work. I’m a soup-to-nuts creative director, brainstorming with you about business goals, crafting your look and branding, writing copy to get you noticed, while also designing and building a website that promotes you. I like to connect with interesting people, help promote interesting services, and solve the puzzle of the best way to get your message, your STORY, out to the world. While the variety of clientele I’ve worked with has been diverse, what unifies them is that they all had something that piqued my interest and made me want to learn more about them. Sound like we could be a match? Contact me and let’s discuss. If you are in the western Maine region, coffee meet-ups are possible, especially if you have intel on where to get the best local brew!