That’s the goal of effective branding and marketing campaigns (ideally achieved without using all caps and exclamation points). Let’s start with the basics and what it takes to set yourself apart from the competition: What is branding?  Visual branding includes your logo, colors, photography, and typography used in ads and in marketing pieces. Your brand identity shows up in copy that appears on everything you do; it’s the voice of your business, it reflects your style and personality, it communicates your values.  Branding bundles how your business presents itself with how it makes people feel. Does your website copy sound like something you’d say?  Maybe you’re not the most eloquent speaker, that’s OK.  Do customers appreciate you because you’re direct?  Then your copy should get to the point, the colors of your logo should be simple, a bit bold, and the font un-fussy. Does your business focus on making clients feel special, pretty, or cared for? The tone of your copy should be the equivalent of a cozy blanket, making them feel at ease, the colors should be harmonious, and the typography should feel special, not basic.  Photos and graphics used on advertising make a split second impression, and effective branding ensures it’s the right impression for your business.

Branding reflects your personality, your values, your style.

Where to start?

Every business has a unique story to tell, but few business owners are good story tellers, or have a clue how to tell their story. You need to stand out from competitors, to not be afraid to walk a different path. The best branding cleverly weaves together elements of color, design, photography and copy in a way that amplifies and reinforces the story of who you are and what you do best. Figuring it out is like therapy, beginning with questions and analysis to identify what sets you apart, what messaging defines you.  Boring, forgettable, and trying to please the majority of people is not the objective.  Instead we need to find the targeted audience who gets you, loves what you’re selling, and values your services, then be consistent in the branding messaging they see.  Loyal clients not only help pay the bills, but spread the word with testimonials and referrals: Free marketing, it’s the most powerful!

The key is to begin

This sounds like a lot to figure out if you are a new business, or a nightmare to rework everything for established companies. Remember that any little thing you can do to help – helps!  Evolution is normal, so while it’s essential to do an analysis before making changes to your brand, it’s not required you change everything at one time.  We’ll help strategize the best use of your resources and come up with a game plan, focusing on how your ideal customer searches, shops, or utilizes your services.  That may mean starting by reworking website and marketing copy, or maybe updating a logo and brand colors.  It could mean honing on email marketing, looking at open rates, CTR, and tracking engagement and sales.  Every business is unique, and Zynk Designs tailors marketing strategies and branding to you – we customize marketing plans and never go the one-plan-fits-all route.


Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by 23% (Forbes)