Delilah K /Delilah K Bridal

Project description

This project presented a unique challenge of integrating two different target customer bases, providing them each with tailored online shopping experiences.  Based in Canada, the company sold fashion jewelry, but wanted to create a new market focused on bridal jewelry and accessories. First developing a set of logos and color schemes for the fashion brand, Delilah K, and for Delilah K Bridal, I then designed and programmed a customized shopping website where the framework and architecture of the site appeared different depending on which “mini-site” the shopper was viewing. Logos were utilized across social media channels and on product packaging to unify the brand messaging.

Marketing strategy was integral to promoting Delilah K, with editorial look books being created to generate brand awareness, and online banner ad campaigns designed and tracked for ROI. All copywriting and design was created by Zynk Designs for all channels, as well as uploading new products to the online store and online merchandising.  A marketing calendar was created to define seasonal objectives and plan for home page updates, blog posts, email newsletters, print ads, and new seasonal look books, with all design work performed by Zynk Designs.


Project details

  • Client: Delilah K/Delilah K Bridal
  • Project Details: Branding, copywriting, marketing, ecommerce website design, editorial calendar management, email campaigns, look book design