Henry James/Hank’s Garage

Project description

Henry James had a long standing reputation as one of best suppliers of custom made bike tubes and jigs.  Wanting to branch out and showcase the full product line, Henry James hired Zynk Designs to create an ecommerce website that tied into real time inventory levels and integrated with their QuickBooks accounting system.  Detailed specifications for all products were essential to include, which had to be both easy to read onscreen, and available as a printed format for custom builders.  As the only distributor of True Temper titanium bike tubes, the company had great success, but had to reconfigure their business model when True Temper stopped production of bike tubes.  A transition was made to switch to Columbus tubes, and a company blog, Hank’s Garage, was started to educate buyers of the new products in advance of seasonal trade shows.

Project details

  • Client: Henry James
  • Category: Website design, blog design, logo design, newsletters, copywriting