Layla Grayce Email Marketing + Banner Ads

Project description

Hired as an independent contractor to develop an ecommerce website for a new business, Zynk Designs then went on to work for Layla Grayce for many years, operating as an out-of-house creative director managing the website, creating weekly marketing email campaigns, all print ads and promotional printed materials, and working with affiliate companies to develop online banner ads. The online store sold home furnishings, children’s and women’s products, and required marketing campaigns for all three segments. A monthly marketing calendar was created, and Zynk Designs created the LG blog, contributing many posts and graphics, and tracked analytics for mailers and blog posts.

The company later closed, and today a streamlined Layla Grayce website is run by former employees of the original owners.


Project details

  • Client: Layla Grayce
  • Category: Ecommerce mailer design, email programming and analytics, copywriting, blog posts and graphics, print ads, online affiliate banner ad design