Layla Grayce Website and Blog

Project description

Hired as an independent contractor to develop an ecommerce website for a new business, Zynk Designs then went on to work for Layla Grayce for many years, operating as an out-of-house creative director. The business model and shopping cart programming were very complex due to the wide range of products and three major categories of women’s, children’s and furniture/home goods.  Zynk Designs created the website and set up all initial products, options, shipping configurations, and provided all the copywriting services.  Programming needs included options for colors, fabrics, shipping methods, and white glove service options.

Layla Grayce had exponential growth, and relied on Zynk Designs to provide guidance for their in-house employees, as well as to design new home pages, site wide updates, and weekly marketing email campaigns, create print ads and promotional printed materials, and work with affiliate companies to develop online banner ads.  A monthly marketing calendar was created, and Zynk Designs created the LG blog, contributing many posts and graphics.

Website functionality was upgraded to meet the needs of the growing company, and changing design aesthetics resulted in overhauling the branding and website multiple times during my time working with Layla Grayce.  The first incarnation mixed French country with shabby chic, with a large selection  for nursery decor and women’s products similar to those found at Anthropologie. Design trends changed, the look of the site became more refined, but the owners always leaned into a preference for maximalism rather than minimalism.  While not my personal aesthetic, good designers serve clients with different tastes, always finding the best creative solution to achieve their client’s goals. As the owner’s design sense evolved, it was decided to begin a new business that would market to a different customer base. Together we worked to launch a companion website for modern and transitional home goods and furnishings, Zinc Door.  Both companies were later closed, and today the Layla Grayce website is run by former employees of the original owners.

Project details

  • Client: Layla Grayce
  • Category: Ecommerce website design, blog design, copywriting, blog posts and graphics, print ads, online banner design, email design and marketing campaigns